A businessman by profession and an actor by passion. Surya Ji Kamblealias Surya Jayraj comes from a family where his father Shri Bhivaji
Kamble was an eminent theatre activist and an actor in the Marathi
Theatre and hence acting are in his genes. JFI - He is the founder and CMD for Dipankar Group of Companies largely dealing in finances.
Since he has a tremendous thirst for arts and literature, He had a long association with writing and dramatic arts from his college days,
in his initial professional career, he was fond of left-liberal ideas &worked as an activist in organizing, writing, directing and performing propagandistic street theatre & dramatic skits for social awareness in public. In the same years, he also worked as a journalist as you know he has a zeal for writing and used to write features for newspapers likeLoksatta, Maharashtra Times, Sakal, and so on. Anyways let's cut a long story short & come to the point about his performing skills the following is the perform-o-graph as lead roles...

पकड़…रिश्तों की
Pakad… Rishton ki (2022)
is a heartwarming short film that captures the special bond between a father and his young daughter.

A 10 Min. no dialogue short with emotional elements taking the story to PremChand level.

Set to a touching soundtrack, leaving the viewer with a warm feeling of love and appreciation for the bond between a father and his daughter.

Submitted the short film
to Cannes/ Corner 2023 & other crème fests.

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ऐन वसं तात, अर्ध्या रात्री
AenVasantaat, Ardhya Ratri

Category: Theater Play.

A Marathi adaptation of the play A Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare.

The play ran ten shows across Mumbai and included some shows in Pune.

मांस का दरिया
Maans Ka Dariya

Category: Play

It’s a Hindi play based on the story of a renowned writer from Hindi Literature - Kalmeshwar

2 Shows at Boisar Fair 2015 & 3 specially organized for dignitaries in Dahanu,

संग रहना...
Sang Rehna…

Category: Music Video

Song for Jayraj Music, tells a Heartwarming story of father-daughter relations. He produced the music as well as the music video.

Ready and will be on air soon on Jayraj Music.

साजं रंगली
Saanj Rangli

Category: Music Video

Marathi Song & Music Video depicting colourful folklore of Maharashtra.

The song is recorded and the Music video will be shot by the end of April 2023.

चिक-चिक -मंटो

Category: An Anthology feature film

A lovely musical film about the love and hate relationships of husband & wife.

The film will travel to film festivals before getting theatrically released and later on OTT.


Category: Feature film
120 Min

A film depicting class differences and how a man brings society to social equality.

It will be shot in end of 2023 at exotic locations in Uttar Pradesh